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One of the most enticing things about visiting another country is experiencing the type of food they have and how it differs to your norm. Although this mostly occurs in restaurants it usually ripples out to fast food establishments too as seen by the presence of Bageterie Boulevard. As far as I know there is nothing similar in the UK excluding Subway as that exists both in London and Prague, in a similar style to Subway you can either pick a sandwich from the menu or make a custom one but everything from the bread to the meats are completely different to what you find in a Subway.

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For only 39Kč you can get a small sandwich which by no means will fill you up but is perfect for a light snack. The Vídeňák consists of a acheter viagra frankfurter sausage, cheese, grilled onions, mayonnaise and mustard, it’s my favourite one to get on a cold night as it always warms you up. The Bavorak comes with Bavarian meatloaf, mustard and 2 pickles which adds a bit of a tangy tastes to the meat. The Sweet Chilli is exactly what it sounds like with chicken covered in a sweet chilli sauce and lettuce. Le Fish is a fish finger sandwich with tartar sauce and lettuce, I tried this without the sauce as I don’t like tartar and it’s still a nice meatless alternative if that’s what you’re looking for.

No good restaurant would be seen without some form of potatoes and Baguetterie Boulevard’s Patatas are more like potato wedges than the thin and crispy fries you find at McDonalds. Interestingly they come in a triangular cone shaped container which would be ideal for eating while on the go and they cover the patatas in mayonnaise not just on the top layer but on the middle layer too.

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