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As Kyri and I were on our way to see the movie Chef we figured that the perfect start to the evening would be to have a delicious meal made by a chef. Bill’s in Wimbledon is a place we have seen in the past but haven’t been inside until yesterday, with it’s spacious and gorgeous interior combined with outside seating and private booths it certainly caters for any type of eater.

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After considering the duck pie and the burger I decided against that and got a full rack of ribs with a mini corn on the cob and fries. As expected it was a struggle to finish in fact I had to leave 1 bite left as I was beginning to feel uncomfortably full. The BBQ ribs were lovely and sticky while the fries were skinny and the corn was slightly smaller than I expected.

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Perhaps the highlight other than gnawing on each rib like a squirrel until there was no meat left (in Kyri’s word) was the pink lemonade and ice cream drink which came with a strawberry in it, the second it reached my table and I was warned it would spill thats exactly what happened. What do you expect from ice cream and carbonated drinks? I was very pleased with Bill’s and will definitely be coming back again, maybe even for breakfast. Yes, they do breakfast!



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