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packet of dried meat beef jerky is usually thought of as the go to choice, Serious Pig aims to change that though with an alternative ou acheter du viagra sans ordonnance au quebec that is everything you would expect from beef jerky but made from pork instead. Each packet comes with a packet of salt crystals inside to ensure your pork is the driest it can possibly be,

each piece resembles a slice of salami

more than a traditional jerky slab and while it’s seasoned well you just don’t get the same depth of meaty flavour as you do with beef jerky.


Boorgies: Burgers
Blog, Prague / No Comments / November 24, 2016

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Whenever I walk to the tram stop I always spot a place called Boorgies which according to their abundant signage is well known for their burgers however until a week ago I hadn’t gone in.

The environment inside is kind of a strange mixture between a cafeteria and a restaurant with lots of tables set out in a pattern and people eating by themselves. As with a lot of places in Prague the staff speak enough English to help you order although I found it weird that when customising my burger I was only allowed to have either bacon or cheese not both and when it came to sauce I was only allowed to have ketchup or mayonnaise not both, this one is especially weird because ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together is what makes ‘burger sauce’.

boorgies - 2

The chips were very small and thin almost like what you would expect from a school cafeteria but they were still nice, the Coke I got was in a very small cup which held less than a

cans worth in it and to my surprise the Ketchup was not only home made but arguably nicer than Heinz ketchup. It

had a slightly thinner texture and lighter hue than usual but it tasted fresh and was definitely a welcome part of the meal.

boorgies - 4

I didn’t go all the way to Boorgies to eat Ketchup and fries I went to eat their burgers, I ended

up getting mine with cheese, lettuce, ketchup, tomato and grilled onions. The first thing I noticed when I held the burger was that the bun was very basic and felt a bit stale, when I took a bite out of it it tasted exactly the same, basic and stale, as for the burger itself it was nice but that’s about it. The patty was lukewarm and the ingredients didn’t steal the show but honestly there wasn’t anything that made this burger stand out in a good way, I thought for sure the ketchup would do it but it seems the rest of the ingredients over powered it leaving a burger that’s sort of like what I imagine McDonalds would make if they didn’t have to do it quickly, a cheap but good enough burger thats fine for the price but nothing special.

boorgies - 3

Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad burger it’s just barely above the one I had at Tinseltown and honestly if it hadn’t been for the ketchup and constant signage I may not have even bothered writing about it. Taste aside 150 Kč is good value for what you’re getting and they even give you free wifi for 30 minutes but you need to ask for the code. If you’re in the area I say definitely try it but don’t expect much, this is a classic example of ‘you get what you pay for’.

[edit] After going back and trying the bacon burger I have to say it exceeded my expectations. The bacon was more like parma ham thin and crispy and the relish added a bit of a tang to the burger, it’s still not as good as some restaurants but it’s a lot better than I gave it credit for and I actually do recommend you try it.

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Pizza N’ Love
Blog / No Comments / November 15, 2016


While visiting my Dad in Spain we went out to eat at many bars and restaurants but the one the that stood out to us the most was a pizza restaurant in Orgiva called Pizza N’ Love.


While the restaurant may seem quite small and hard to find; especially since it’s located in an alley it actually has quite the reputation for delicious, stone-baked pizzas that are filling yet not too expensive.


With over 30 varieties of pizza (excluding customisations) there is definitely something to satisfy every palette, and for those want to get that extra crunch you can upgrade your pizza to be made from spelt flour for just €1 extra.


Since all the pizzas are cooked in a stone-oven they went from cold ingredients to piping hot pizzas on our plates within a matter of minutes. The crust had a nice, thick crunch to it and the cheese had a slightly creamy taste to it almost as if it were a toned down version of mozzarella. On a nice crisp night there are few things better than a cold beer, fresh pizza and great company to share it all with, truly Pizza N’ Love lives up to its name as well as its reputation.


bombay burrito - logo

On a late Tuesday night I was craving some food when I happened to come across something I had never seen before, a place that sold Indian burritos, Bombay Burrito. It’s a small place from first glance but it has plenty of seating space downstairs, more importantly it has taken something that is usually considered Mexican and put a very interesting spin on it.

bombay burrito - 2

Curious I ordered a Tandoori chicken burrito with medium spice sauce, lettuce, cheese, crispy onions and chilli sauce. As usual eating a burrito is a very messy experience but one that was familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. The burrito had a bit of crispiness and heat to it but it feels like it’s rebelling against system, trying to redefine what a burrito is.

bombay burrito - 3

If a burrito is just a portion of meat/meat substitute with vegetables and sauces then that opens up the barriers for so many different flavours outside of the usual Mexican ones. If you had a wrap with grilled chicken, teriyaki sauce and kimchi would that count as a burrito?

bombay burritp - 4

Regardless at just £4.95 for a very generously sized meal I buy levitra legal us definitely think it’s worth checking it out if only for the unusual experience of biting in to a burrito and a different form of spice and heat in the form of a curry.


bageterie boulevard - 1

One of the most enticing things about visiting another country is experiencing the type of food they have and how it differs to your norm. Although this mostly occurs in restaurants it usually ripples out to fast food establishments too as seen by the presence of Bageterie Boulevard. As far as I know there is nothing similar in the UK excluding Subway as that exists both in London and Prague, in a similar style to Subway you can either pick a sandwich from the menu or make a custom one but everything from the bread to the meats are completely different to what you find in a Subway.

bageterie boulevard - 2

For only 39Kč you can get a small sandwich which by no means will fill you up but is perfect for a light snack. The Vídeňák consists of a acheter viagra frankfurter sausage, cheese, grilled onions, mayonnaise and mustard, it’s my favourite one to get on a cold night as it always warms you up. The Bavorak comes with Bavarian meatloaf, mustard and 2 pickles which adds a bit of a tangy tastes to the meat. The Sweet Chilli is exactly what it sounds like with chicken covered in a sweet chilli sauce and lettuce. Le Fish is a fish finger sandwich with tartar sauce and lettuce, I tried this without the sauce as I don’t like tartar and it’s still a nice meatless alternative if that’s what you’re looking for.

No good restaurant would be seen without some form of potatoes and Baguetterie Boulevard’s Patatas are more like potato wedges than the thin and crispy fries you find at McDonalds. Interestingly they come in a triangular cone shaped container which would be ideal for eating while on the go and they cover the patatas in mayonnaise not just on the top layer but on the middle layer too.

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After a long day exploring the Prague castles my housemates Sæunn, Sophia and I stopped off at a cafe called Národní kavárna which translated in to English means National Café.

While they have a decent variety of breakfasts as well as set daily menus we were only interested in grabbing a quick coffee and since I don’t much like coffee I got a hot chocolate instead, but not just any hot chocolate a deluxe hot chocolate with baileys, banana syrup and cream served in a clear glass so you can feel just how hot the drink actually is.

narodni kavarna - 2

Now I lived in Prague from January 18th to April 18th 2015 and in those 3 months i’ve ordered so many hot chocolate that in the next few weeks i’ll be publishing a list of the best one i’ve had in Prague, that being said the deluxe čokoláda from Národní kavárna is the absolute best hot chocolate i’ve ever had.

The chocolate has a thick yet runny texture and tastes sweet but not sickly almost like it was made from literal melted chocolate, the cream (which is extra) helps cool it down while also disguising some of the sweetness that the banana syrup adds, and the Baileys, is it necessary? No but just how bacon goes perfectly with a burger Baileys and hot chocolate are a match made in heaven.

narodni kavarna - 3

As good as it is it is on the expensive side but then again what did you expect with Baileys, banana syrup and cream added to generic for viagra it? This is something you should definitely not have every day or even every few days but if you’re in the area and want to have a break from walking the cobbled streets of Prague then go in to Národní kavárna, order thedeluxe čokoláda and find out why I consider it the best hot chocolate both in and outside of Prague.

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bbq shaker fries - 1

As part of a

way to spice up your fries McDonald’s are now selling smokey BBQ McShaker fries in the UK. While it may just be regular everyday fries that come in a special bag with a sachet of

BBQ seasoning the flavour you

get from them is actually quite nice, worth the extra 20p? Probably not.

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alphabet sandwich - 1

Being an avid lover of food i’m

always experimenting in the kitchen with new taste experiences although Nick of Dude Foods takes custom creations to a whole new level with the

alphabet sandwich, a sandwich made up of 26 ingredients each one starting with a different letter of the alphabet.

The sandwich contained avocado, bacon, cheese, Doritos, egg, fish sticks, garlic bread, ham, Italian sausage patty, jalapeño peppers, Krispy Kreme doughnut, lettuce, macaroni and

cheese, noodles, onion rings, pepperoni, queso blanco dip, ramen noodles, spinach, turkey burger, Usingers bratwurst, veal parmesan, waffle, xylocarp yams, zucchini.

Of course this gargantuan tower of food couldn’t ever be eaten and is more for the sake of novelty than to be eaten but it’s interesting to see such impractical creations brought to life.


cafe louvre - 1

The first weekend I was in Prague my housemates Sæunn, Sophia and I went out for breakfast at a place called Café Louvre which despite having café in the name is more along the lines of a restaurant.

cafe louvre - 2

Since I was new to Czech culture I decided to go with a Czech breakfast which consisted of orange juice, two types of ham, edam, emmental, butter, a boiled egg and a slice of apple cake. It felt a lot like a continental breakfast with a twist, the twist being the apple cake which tasted nice but wasn’t something I was used to having in the morning.

cafe louvre - 3

I like that the Czech traditional breakfast is a lot healthier than the traditional English breakfast although i’m assuming that they don’t have it every day there is something nice about having cold meats and cake instead of hot meats and runny eggs.


Cote logo

Before leaving for my 3 month internship in the Czech Republic I went out to dinner with my mum and grandma to a restaurant in Wimbledon village called Côte.

Wanting to try out some new food I first ordered a Charcuterie Board which consisted of Savoie ham, smoked duck breast, saucisson sec and duck rillettes with baby gem salad and chargrilled pain de champagne most of which I hadn’t even heard of let alone tried. While obviously being on the very meaty spectrum of tastes I liked everything especially the duck rillettes which surprised me as I usually despise pâté like dishes.

cote - 1

For the acheter du cialis en ligne main course I had the chargrilled ‘Breton’ chicken which despite coming with garlic butter remained a little bit too dry during the end of the meal, the frites were skinny, light, crispy and came in an artisanal cup although overall I think there weren’t enough of them.

cote - 2

Having never been there I was impressed with the decor, waiting service and quality of food although Côte is definitely one of those restaurants were you pay more for smaller portioned but higher quality food, it’s not a place I think anyone would go regularly but it seems ideal if you friends/family want to treat themselves to something a bit upmarket without breaking the bank too much.