Cau: Fideuà
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FIDEUÀ (VI-DU-WAH!), £12.95

CAU’s take on Paella. Angel hair pasta, sofrito, squid, clams, prawns & flaked pollock.

Smoked haddock and cheese croquet

5 in a basket
came in a mini deep fryer type

Crispy and light
Gooey cheese

almost like a nicely melted cheddar
Haddock had the most flavour
When you go to pick it up it crumbles and it’s hard to keep

on your fork
Nice creamy mayo

Thin noodles
Crispy noodles
Almost like gourmet spaghetti in a can
Nice meet

lot more than it looks
A ting bit of spice


toby carvery christmas dinner - 1

For over 10 years I have been going to what used to be Park Place and is now the Toby Carvery in Mitcham. For those who don’t know Toby Carvery is a restaurant/pub type setting where you can enjoy a buffet style roast dinner with everything you could possible want all regularly restocked and 4 different types of meat (beef, pork, gammon, chicken) carved right in front of you.

toby carvery christmas dinner - 2

As it was Christmas day they changed up the menu a bit by having even more on offer including pigs in blankets and 2 types of stuffing but essentially the meal was the same as what you could normally get their not that that’s a bad thing. While I enjoyed the smoked salmon starter I felt that the main meal was too big for me to handle and I struggled to finish the chocolate cheesecake although this was my fault as you can have as much or as little of the roast as you want.

toby carvery christmas dinner - 3

During the meal we got to pull crackers with the usual mediocre jokes and prizes inside them including a water pistol which I have been very tempted to use on the cats but have refrained from doing so yet. The chocolate cheesecake was very nice and the slices were big, as I got to the end I found the taste to be a little too sickly even with the raspberries and cream to help balance it.

This was a great Christmas lunch and although you don’t get too much more than you would usually get from the Toby Carvery it’s well worth the price just for the convenience factor alone, and with the 20% off voucher I got at the end of the meal i’ll be sure to come back soon.


bbq smokehouse - 1

Every once in a while McDonald’s comes out with a new and sometimes unique creation, sometimes it’s a drink or snack hit usually it’s a burger. The BBQ smokehouse burger recently made its way to UK menus for just £4.19.

As per usual it comes in a very nicely designed cardboard box but the contents of the box are what’s more important here. By McDonald’s standards the burger

was good it had a meatier patty than usual, a good amount of

crunch from the onions and what I think was a brioche bun which was an unexpected twist.

bbq smokehouse - 2

When you go to McDonald’s you know you’re not going to get the best burgers but for the price the barbecue bacon burger is actually a decent snack so if that’s your thing I recommend you try it.


five guys bacon milkshake - 1

We all know five guys does some dayum good burgers and fries but never did I expect to see the choice to add apple wood smoked bacon to your milkshake. By standing on my tip toes I was able to see that they crumble the bacon and mix it in to the milkshake as opposed to blending it in which meant it was a little crunchy but I feel like it was a good move to me sure it didn’t overpower the shake.

It took me a while to think of how to describe the taste but I think deep sums it up pretty nicely.

It’s sweet but at the same the bacon give it that savoury taste almost like you mixed ice cream with beef jerky. It’s thick both in texture and flavour and definitely not for everyone but I think it’s an interesting sensation ou acheter du cialis forum that should be tried at least once.

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tornado fries - 1

Keeping with the theme of novelty food products I never knew you could create such an interesting shape with potatoes, despite having the taste and texture of crisps the tornado fries spiral up a stick create an edible sculpture of sorts. It’s not until you try to eat it though that you realise how difficult it actually is and the amount you actually get is not much more than a regular 35g packet of crisps for the price £4. Honestly i’m not even mad as the whole experience and skills that must’ve gone in to making it was well worth the money in my opinion.


pizza truck - 1

Whenever i’m in the brick lane/truman brewery area I always get something to eat from the variety of food stands, although I

was originally going to eat at Mother Clucker when I saw this gargantuan truck which was larger than two stands side by side I had to check out what they were selling. Although i’ve heard of sourdough bread i’ve never heard of or even considered sourdough pizza to be a thing but it is, like all food stands there isn’t much of a menu but whatever they have they do really, really well.

pizza truck - 2

I decided to get a Veneziana pizza which comes topped with mozzarella, tomato, ham and mushrooms, a classic farmhouse if you will, it was made fresh in front of me in an authentic wood burning oven which is probably what justifies the size of the truck. The 9″ pizza was very light and

fluffy with a sweet tomato puree and creamy mozzarella, for £6 it was a nice lunchtime treat that I might treat myself to once in a while.

After finishing it I realised something odd not about the pizza but about the company, the people behind this pizza van don’t have a website, Twitter handle or even a company name attached them and i’m not sure if they will have one anytime soon, this just may be a limited time pop-up so if you fancy trying this I recommend you head down to the Truman Brewery before it disappears.


square burger - 1

Another stand that caught my eye at Winter Wonderland was Square Burger, the only stand that serves burgers with square patties. While I didn’t buy one myself I did try a bit of Kyri’s burger and once you get over the whole square-ness novelty it’s not really much better than what you would get from any other burger stand, there wasn’t anything wrong with it but it by no means lives up to the BBQ House pulled pork burger we had earlier.

square burger - 2


kurz lang - 2

Having been slightly disappointed last time I tried Kurz & Lang back in March 2014 I decided to give them another try after seeing that people who went to Clerkenwell Design Week were given a 15% discount off their order. While I was tempted to get the The 11th Generation Gourmet Bratwurst which is a mix of pork, beef, bacon and herbs I instead gave my wallet and my stomach something a bit easier to handle in the form of the Krakauer, this sausage is made from pork, beef and

spices (83% pork

+ 8% beef = 91% meat), I chose to get the Krakauer in a bun as opposed to the mediocre chips I had last time.

kurz lang - 3

The sausage is very thick, and succulent with every single space of it overflowing with meaty juices and a tiny but still noticeable amount of heat to it. The ketchup was an interesting combination of sweet, tangy and sticky

which was definitely unexpected but not unwelcome. The bun however was a major disappointment instead of giving it the same

attention they gave the sausages and the Ketchup the bun was clearly store bought,

tasted mediocre and a waste of money at 70p on top of the sausage. I’m glad I gave Kurz & Lang another chance but it’s just so disappointing that they did two things incredibly well and one thing lazily bad.

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yalla yalla - 1

Based in the Greenwich peninsula just a few minutes away from the o2 Yalla Yalla is a small stand that serves Lebanese street food. While the majority of food stands thrive on sildenafil viripotens

the idea of food made freshly in front of you everything Yalla Yalla serves is pre-made and warmed up which really ruins a lot of the appeal of it for me.

yalla yalla - 2

Having never tried Shawarma this was a new experience

for me with mixed results. The lamb mixed with tahini sauce was very nice albeit very hot but what surprised

me the most was that even though I usually don’t like pickled food I had no problem with the pickled turnip. The food is quite nice, not £4.95 nice but nice enough for me to write about on here and recommend you try it out if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous.

#lebanese#london#street food

bbq house - 1

Having visited Winter Wonderland and loving it so much my friend Kyri and I decided to visit again just three days later although this time it was mainly for trying the food. Wanting to get the most out of the evening we both opted to not eat beforehand which was a good idea but we also vastly overestimated the amount of stands we could try out.

bbq house - 2

The first and best of those stands was one called BBQ House and while I desperately wanted to get the ribs they were so popular that they ran out and I had to get the pulled pork burger instead, which in retrospect was not a bad move. The pulled pork clumped together to create a succulent patty-like structure with a smokey BBQ taste to it, sadly the bun was just a regular plain white bun which really let down the rest of the burger, I feel like if it had been served inside of a brioche bun it honestly would’ve earned its price tag of £6 but alas it didn’t.

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