bukowski grill - 6

After going to the London Design Festival networking event at The Future Laboratory I wondered down to the Shoreditch Box Park and got myself a burger at the Bukowski Grill pop-up stall. Looking for a change I decided to go with the burger of the month The Reuben which is based on the American classic American sandwich, the burger consists of a beef patty, sauerkraut, lettuce, gherkin, pastrami and Russian dressing although I got mayonnaise instead as I don’t like Russian dressing.

bukowski grill - 7

This is perhaps the first time I have tasted meat that could be described as sweet and tangy and not in an excessive way. The sauerkraut, gherkin and mayonnaise blend together to create a crunchy additional flavour on top of the thick and juicy patty. It’s nice to see alternatives to the classic menu burgers and while The Reuben was only available for a month for that month people could experience an american classic reimagined in a storage container in shoreditch.



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