cafe louvre - 1

The first weekend I was in Prague my housemates Sæunn, Sophia and I went out for breakfast at a place called Café Louvre which despite having café in the name is more along the lines of a restaurant.

cafe louvre - 2

Since I was new to Czech culture I decided to go with a Czech breakfast which consisted of orange juice, two types of ham, edam, emmental, butter, a boiled egg and a slice of apple cake. It felt a lot like a continental breakfast with a twist, the twist being the apple cake which tasted nice but wasn’t something I was used to having in the morning.

cafe louvre - 3

I like that the Czech traditional breakfast is a lot healthier than the traditional English breakfast although i’m assuming that they don’t have it every day there is something nice about having cold meats and cake instead of hot meats and runny eggs.



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