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After a long day exploring the Prague castles my housemates Sæunn, Sophia and I stopped off at a cafe called Národní kavárna which translated in to English means National Café.

While they have a decent variety of breakfasts as well as set daily menus we were only interested in grabbing a quick coffee and since I don’t much like coffee I got a hot chocolate instead, but not just any hot chocolate a deluxe hot chocolate with baileys, banana syrup and cream served in a clear glass so you can feel just how hot the drink actually is.

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Now I lived in Prague from January 18th to April 18th 2015 and in those 3 months i’ve ordered so many hot chocolate that in the next few weeks i’ll be publishing a list of the best one i’ve had in Prague, that being said the deluxe čokoláda from Národní kavárna is the absolute best hot chocolate i’ve ever had.

The chocolate has a thick yet runny texture and tastes sweet but not sickly almost like it was made from literal melted chocolate, the cream (which is extra) helps cool it down while also disguising some of the sweetness that the banana syrup adds, and the Baileys, is it necessary? No but just how bacon goes perfectly with a burger Baileys and hot chocolate are a match made in heaven.

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As good as it is it is on the expensive side but then again what did you expect with Baileys, banana syrup and cream added to generic for viagra it? This is something you should definitely not have every day or even every few days but if you’re in the area and want to have a break from walking the cobbled streets of Prague then go in to Národní kavárna, order thedeluxe čokoláda and find out why I consider it the best hot chocolate both in and outside of Prague.

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