chiquito - 1

After a great lecture at Ravensbourne my friend Amin and I decided to get something to eat at Chiquito. Having only eaten a small portion of noodles all day I went ahead and ordered the biggest burger on the menu the Texan Smoke Stack, which consisted of 2 beef patties, onion rings, cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce.

chiquito - 2

As a starter we shared a piece of grilled halloumi which was my first time having it. It was surprisingly nice for a cheese based starter it looked and almost tasted like chicken although I thought the cranberry sauce accompaniment was a bit too sweet to compliment the it. In-between the starter and main course my chocolate milkshake came and it was mediocre at best, there was very little thickness to it and after just a few gulps it was almost half finished by the time my burger cam it was all gone.

chiquito - 3

It’s always nice to see burger patties in the shape of something that isn’t a circle not that a flower pattern added anything to the flavour but it was a nice touch. The meat was cooked well done which is not my preference but it’s still nice, overall it was a good burger but what stopped it from being a very good burger was how big it was there is nothing wrong with a big burger and a mish-mash of ingredients but this one was just so big that you couldn’t get all those wonderful flavours in a single bite.

chiquito - 4

This burger was so big that I couldn’t even fit it into my mouth and after a few failed attempts of converting in to 2 half burger they turned in to a meaty, drippy, naked mess of a burger which would’ve made for a nice salad if that was the original intent.



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