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Before leaving for my 3 month internship in the Czech Republic I went out to dinner with my mum and grandma to a restaurant in Wimbledon village called Côte.

Wanting to try out some new food I first ordered a Charcuterie Board which consisted of Savoie ham, smoked duck breast, saucisson sec and duck rillettes with baby gem salad and chargrilled pain de champagne most of which I hadn’t even heard of let alone tried. While obviously being on the very meaty spectrum of tastes I liked everything especially the duck rillettes which surprised me as I usually despise pâté like dishes.

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For the acheter du cialis en ligne main course I had the chargrilled ‘Breton’ chicken which despite coming with garlic butter remained a little bit too dry during the end of the meal, the frites were skinny, light, crispy and came in an artisanal cup although overall I think there weren’t enough of them.

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Having never been there I was impressed with the decor, waiting service and quality of food although Côte is definitely one of those restaurants were you pay more for smaller portioned but higher quality food, it’s not a place I think anyone would go regularly but it seems ideal if you friends/family want to treat themselves to something a bit upmarket without breaking the bank too much.



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