graze breakfast box - 1

After snacking on Graze boxes for the last few months I have discovered some amazingly nice flavours which are both healthy and cheap so when I heard that Graze were introducing breakfast boxes I had to give them a try Each box contains 4 packets so you will probably have to have toast every now and then although the days you do have cereal you will be spoilt for choice, there are 20 varieties as of yet which range from chocolate rocky road to strawberry and cream.

graze breakfast box - 2

Interestingly there is a guide on the packet with a suggested amount of milk to have so the ratio of  cereal to milk fits perfectly however this can be a problem as I have never managed to open the packets without tearing some part of them. As expected all the flavours I have tried so far are delicious as well as filling and for £3.99 I definitely think this will be a great breakfast for me to have in the future.


After hearing about the snacking service Naturebox from the If I Were You podcast I checked to see what it was like but it wasn’t available in my country. Very soon after I stumbled upon Graze Nibblebox and decided to give them a try, each box comes with 4 snacks ranging from chocolate brownies and dried apple slices to black pepper popcorn and pumpkin seeds.

graze nibblebox - 7

For the first few weeks I had a couple of hits and misses but once I knew what I liked I couldn’t wait to receive my boxes each week. You can control which snacks get sent to you and at what rate although sadly there isn’t a feature to let you pick exactly what snacks you want each week although this is probably because part of the experience is the random nature of what you get each week although If you don’t like a particular snack you can bin it and it will never get sent to you.

graze nibblebox - 1

Many people have pointed out that you can buy a bag of seeds, nuts or dried fruit for cheaper although they seem to be missing the point of what Graze is, yes it’s a healthy snacking service but you’re also buying convenience. I would never buy the things Graze send to me by myself but the fact that I have a company that creates delicious recipes and sends them to my door for a reasonably low price is what has drawn me in and has convinced me to continue using this service.


graze nibblebox - 1

As much as I would have liked to scoff all of them at once so I could write this review I chose to have them daily with the weekends and one other day being an exception. Most snack come in sealed punnets which are ideal size to snack on and as soon as you open them an aroma wafts out of the punnet and hits you. This is the prime time to know wether or not the contents will be something you will like or not. You can choose what to get but I decided to get random snacks instead.

graze nibblebox - 2

The first snack I tried were the Boston Baguettes which come with a BBQ relish which was nice. The baguettes were nice although the relish was a bit tangy for my liking overall it was an nice snack, it was something I would be okay with having but not overly excited about seeing.

graze nibblebox - 3

The next day I had the Garden of England which was a mix of dried mini strawberries, blackcurrants and apples. It was surprisingly good for dried fruit although i would’ve much preferred to have eaten fresh versions of them instead.

graze nibblebox - 4

The third snack I had which I am eating while writing this article was the Pomodoro Rustichella. This is one of the few snacks which didn’t have the calorie count on the front of the punnet after exploring the nutritional information it seems to be 115kcal so that leads me to believe that Graze don’t put the information on the punnet unless it’s less than 100kcal. The cheese croutons were a nice snacking size and if I had to guess this is what made the snack over 100kcal not that it’s unhealthy compared to chocolate or many other snacks you could have in place of it. The mini tomato breadsticks were also nice but not as much as the cheese croutons however the tomato, basil and oregano almonds were awful. Unfortunately because of the nuts I will be marking this punnet as one I do not want to receive in the future.

graze nibblebox - 5

The final snack which I chose to eat while watching a move was the healthy popping corn with a twist of black pepper. I have never tried popcorn with black pepper before but it was an interesting experience as the pepper gave it a really strong after-taste. It’s something that I wouldn’t mind having again although I would probably prefer to have future popcorn be either salted or sweet.

graze nibblebox - 6

Something that interested me outside of the snacks themselves were the small touches. In the box you get a little leaflet with coupons to give to friends but what is more interesting is how on the front of the leaflet it says Hi (your name) and on the inside it states the specific snacks you have ordered and their nutritional value. I don’t know what kind of script they would use to make this happen but it explains why you have to give at least 2-3 days notice if you want specific snacks in your Nibblebox and it’s just nice to have a personal touch to your box. Something else I didn’t notice until I finished the second snack was a complimentary napkin underneath the punnets, i’m sure we all have tissues or paper towels or sleeves nearby we could use to wipe our hands on but it’s a nice touch to have a single napkin included in the box.

Thats it for week 1 I have chosen to try these Nibbleboxes for 5 weeks as the 1st and 5th are free (clever marketing) and by the 5th box I would’ve tried 20 different snacks so I can make a very well informed decision as to wether I want to continue getting these snack boxes or stick to crisps, cookies and exercise.