Sushi Roller
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While wondering around a shopping centre in Prague I came across a stand selling something that looked pretty interesting called the Sushi Roller which is a new way of eating sushi on the go. Everything you need from wasabi and soy sauce to the sushi itself is contained in the handy tube shaped packaging, to remove the sushi simply grab

the stick attached to cialis fiable the side of the tube and poke it through the hole at

the bottom then twist the cap open to pour the pre-made wasabi and soy sauce mixture on the sushi and enjoy.

Being the food enthusiast and lover of innovative products I couldn’t help but try this out and while I absolutely adore the packaging the adoration stops the moment you put the sushi in your mouth and realise what you have done. There is a reason why sushi is such a delicate meal that is rarely if ever seen in fast food establishments and thats because raw fish doesn’t stay fresh for long, once the very viagra sans ordonnance small window is up you’re not just in for a bad taste experience you’re risking possible illness. As great as an idea it is on the surface it simply comes down to having impeccable timing for this to even be worth eating.


jamies takeout - 5

After visiting the Late Turner exhibition at the Tate with Kyri we decided to get some lunch at Jamie Oliver’s Takeout. While my last experience there wasn’t a very good one I take the blame for it as I found out the sauce used on the burgers is Russian dressing which I personally don’t like, this time I decided to get a hot dog specifically a dirty dog which comes topped with pulled pork, barbecue sauce and spring onions.

jamies takeout - 6

The taste was quite powerful and oh so meaty yet the spring onions made it not go over the edge, just like last time I found the bun to be a disappointment as tasted, looked and felt like it was store bought and didn’t care wether it mixed well with the other flavours of the hot dog. A selfish bun that was only their to be healthy wether you like it or not. As usual all hot dogs and burgers come with free coleslaw on the side which would be great if I liked coleslaw but I don’t.

For the price I think Jamie Oliver’s Takeout is a great place to get a quick bite to eat if you’re looking for something a bit better than McDonalds however if you have some time on your hands then Jamie Oliver’s Diner is situated next door to the takeout. I have not eaten at Jamie Oliver’s Diner before although when I do I hope the food will be at a greater standard than what is served downstairs.

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bukowski grill - 6

After going to the London Design Festival networking event at The Future Laboratory I wondered down to the Shoreditch Box Park and got myself a burger at the Bukowski Grill pop-up stall. Looking for a change I decided to go with the burger of the month The Reuben which is based on the American classic American sandwich, the burger consists of a beef patty, sauerkraut, lettuce, gherkin, pastrami and Russian dressing although I got mayonnaise instead as I don’t like Russian dressing.

bukowski grill - 7

This is perhaps the first time I have tasted meat that could be described as sweet and tangy and not in an excessive way. The sauerkraut, gherkin and mayonnaise blend together to create a crunchy additional flavour on top of the thick and juicy patty. It’s nice to see alternatives to the classic menu burgers and while The Reuben was only available for a month for that month people could experience an american classic reimagined in a storage container in shoreditch.


The Book Club
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the book club - 1

After a meeting to discuss the future of the Letterpress Stamp myself and Victoria decided to get something to eat in a place we had never been before, The Book Club. Inside it was filled with beautiful illustrations and people working on their laptops in what seems to be a very nice to work in space.

the book club - 2

After noticing there wasn’t anything on the menu I liked apart from the burger I ordered exactly that with a coke from the bottle not from the pump, yes it does taste different but now isn’t the time for that. The burgers change each week so it didn’t say what kind of burger I was going to get but when it arrived I was pleased with how big it was as well as the very chunky fries that came with it. The burger itself was delicious although it had a bit too much bun for my liking the meat was thick and juicy while the sauce which I think was thousand island dressing was a little tangy but not overpowering like it was in Jamie Oliver’s Takeout.

the book club - 3

The chips were absolutely amazing they were so thick and crispy yet fluffy on the inside almost like roast potatoes, Victoria made them even better than amazing by telling me about pepper fries which as you guessed is pepper on your fries/chips and believe me it’s such as simple thing but makes them so much nicer. The next time I need a place to work in Shoreditch i’ll definitely try this place again both for the pleasant working environment and the delicious food.


hyper japan eat japan (2014) - 1

On my first day at Hyper Japan I tried takoyaki which is a fried ball dough with an octopus centre covered in takoyaki sauce which is essentially a mix between mayonnaise and worcestershire sauce. It’s very nice although I wish the actual octopus meat inside was a little larger as at time it felt like I was just eating fried dough. A fair warning to anyone who tries takoyaki, let it cool down before you eat it. Seriously these balls of octopus are cooked fresh and if you make the mistake which I have made in the past you may very well burn your throat on the molten core of inside. My friend Annabelle learned the hard way this year even after waiting 10 minutes to eat them.

hyper japan eat japan (2014) - 2

The second day I went with a more varied meal and decided to get a mix of takoyaki, gyoza and pumpkin korokke. It seems that not all takoyaki are made the same almost like the difference between instant and home-made. The gyoza also suffered from this as the shell felt like it had been exposed to air for too long while the contents were just a mixed bag. A new and interesting taste for me was the pumpkin korokke, I myself rarely eat pumpkin and have never had a korokke although perhaps the closest relatable thing is potato croquette.

hyper japan eat japan (2014) - 3

Finally during the afternoon session of Saturday I got myself a portion of shrimp and a dragon-tail sushi roll both of which were good but thats all they were. Overall the food had its ups and downs with the takoyaki and pumpkin korokke coming up on top, I certainly did not expect restaurant standard food at pop-up food stands and while the price was a little inflated I can not complain as they certainly give you what you expect and in some cases better than you expected.

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mcm comic con (2014) food stands - 1

It wouldn’t be MCM Comic Con without eating slightly expensive traditional Japanese food. Over the past few years I have tried most of the usual suspects but this year I found something new okonomiyaki which is essentially a fried fish pancake on a stick. Despite the unappealing look of okonomiyaki it actually tastes very nice although I wish it has come on a cylindrical stick instead of a rectangular one as it made it less convenient to eat and it felt like it was going to fall off at any moment, unlike takoyaki it doesn’t have a molten hot centre which is a good thing but it’s also not as nice as its counterpart.

mcm comic con (2014) food stands - 2

After trying something new I had to have a familiar favourite which of fine karaage with Japanese mayonnaise on a stick. I don’t know how it differs to English fried chicken on a stick but it certainly taste a lot better, despite technically being fast food I think it’s more to do with it being freshly made in huge batches and seasoned well that makes it stand out. It’s not very often I get to eat Japanese food but when I do I have had nothing but good experiences… except for tai-yaki.

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the orange buffalo - 1

After visiting New Blood I decided to get something to eat at Mother Clucker but when I arrived it was closed so instead I got some buffalo wings at The Orange Buffalo. Like most other street food they specialise in 1 thing and do a damn good job at it, the menu consisted of buffalo wings in 4 different levels of heat, fries and soda. Thats it. I got 8 buffalo wings in the original sauce which was fairly mild and some curly fries with blue cheese dressing which I forgot to ask not to have.

the orange buffalo - 2

The wings themselves were mediocre they felt like plastic as if they had been cooked several hours ago and dried then reheated, this isn’t the case though as I saw them being cooked fresh. The sauce itself nice but there was so much of it that it overpowered the succulent flavour of the wings. Surprisingly the fries were the best part of the meal almost being as good as Five Guys fries and I also discovered that I like blue cheese dressing although not so much that I would want it smothered over everything.

the orange buffalo - 3

While the setting is nice and the food was obviously nice I don’t pay £8.50 for nice also as the woman behind me pointed out 8 wings is a lot for one portion and I was barely able to finish my meal. Thankfully they knew peoples hands would be sticky after the meal so they had free hand wash for customers to clean their hands afterwards which was a nice touch. The food was mixed levels of nice and really nice so I would definitely eat here again although i’m not exactly in a rush too like I was for Mother Clucker.


poradna snidane

I’ve noticed that even though a lot of the big chains such as Starbucks and McDonalds exist in multiple countries the products they stock are occasionally different. The pořádná snídaně (proper breakfast) is one of these products which has a similar counterpart in the UK but is still different enough for me to want to try it.

A proper breakfast consists of scrambled eggs buy levitra now rx with ham, two pork meat patties and two wheat buns with a hash

brown and choice of drink. The eggs were pretty nice considering they were made at McDonald’s but I didn’t feel the ham added anything to it, the hash brown was hot and crispy and fluffy on the inside

and the Sausage patties were nice and had a very heavy pork flavour to them although it was still strange to not have them in a muffin like they usually are in.

It’s a shame that we don’t see breakfasts like this in England as the best we have is the classic Sausage and egg McMuffin, it’s not very often people have time to sit down in the morning and eat a proper breakfast but for only 99Kč it’s nice to know McDonald’s is there if I ever wake up early and get that urge for a proper breakfast.

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sama asian kitchen - 1

After seeing that the KFC in Wimbledon was closed Kyri and I wondered around until we found a new restaurant called Sama: Asian Kitchen. It had a weird vibe of having a similar ordering system to Wasabi while also providing plug sockets for people to have the option of staying longer while on their laptop.

sama asian kitchen - 2

The menu is kept very simple but with a lot of room for customisation including 2 different types of rice, 4 different types of protein and 3 different types of soup. I decided to have my bowl filled with jasmine rice, chicken and pork balls, mushrooms, no crunch, thai herbs and katsu curry with a bag of prawn crackers on the side. It was surprisingly nice considering all the food was pre-cooked and at £7.95 for a large bowel it’s a very good alternative to traditional fast food or splashing out on a restaurant.


harry ramsdens express - 1

After meeting Swoozie with my friend Momo we decided to get something to eat in the Stratford food court, as places like McDonalds and KFC are normal I decided to go for something different and get some fish and chips at Harry Ramsden’s Express. I had previously eaten at Harry Ramsden’s a few years ago but like an idiot I ate a pudding instead of fish and chips, it’s like the equivalent of ordering pasta at Pizza Hut.

harry ramsdens express - 2

After waiting roughly 15 minutes for my freshly cooked fish I was surprised to see that it looked suspiciously like a battered sausage, putting that aside the meal was very filling and very nice although it’s only slightly above a chip shops’ standards. Perhaps eating at an actual Harry Ramsden’s restaurant would be a different experience but the express one was just good.


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