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Having visited the dancing house before I saw the very fancy restaurant Ginger & Fred on my way out and knew it would be the perfect place for my mum, her friend and I to dine at while they were visiting Prague. As expected from a fancy restaurant the service was impeccable all the waiters were nicely dressed and spoke what sounded like perfect English, whenever our glasses got close to being empty we would automatically get a top up unless


told them not to.

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For starter I had the pan seared calamari and shrimps with confit fennel, potatoes and crustacean sauce. While it was flavoured and presented well I feel that it’s one of the weaker starters, for the price it’s at you could get a 300g portion of mussels with homemade chips and still have money to spare.

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For the main course I decided not to get the beef steak or leg of lamb which both would’ve been delicious instead I went for the Black Ginger & Fred burger which consists of beef ribs marinated in Coca-Cola, black Abondance cheese, onion marmalade, homemade chips and a side of coleslaw.

As is a Ginger and Fred standard the chips were fried in peanut oil which resulted in them being light, thin and crispy with a very minor fluffiness on the inside. I was found it very surprising how nice the coleslaw was considering I don’t usually like it, the flavour was not too tangy or sweet and in the right shaped container for dunking your chips in.

Despite it’s small size the black burger was everything you expect from a luxurious restaurant, the meat it had a very rich flavour which probably came from the Coca-Cola and the foie gras helped to bring everything together. The blackness of the bun was just a novelty although what I didn’t notice until much later was the combination of brioche bread and sesame seeds which is not something I have ever seen anywhere else.

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Finally for dessert I had the chocolate burger in macaron with raspberry purée and apple chips. The chocolate burger was one of the most amazing

creations i’ve ever seen with so much attention to detail in the ingredients, the bun is made from 2 macarons, the cheese is made from marzipan, the lettuce is from mint and the patty is made from a chocolate brownie. The apple chips were thin, warm and wrapped

in a newspaper cone for authenticity and it was all served with a side of raspberry purée which acted almost like a ketchup.

Without taking anything away from the calamari and the black burger the chocolate burger was without a doubt the best course and something that definitely needs to be seen more often. As is usually case with fancy restaurants the taste, presentation and service is always amazing however for the prices you’re paying I would’ve liked to have seen slightly bigger portions. That being said if you’re looking for a change from the usual restaurants in Prague it’s pretty hard to beat Ginger & Fred.



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