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Throughout August Gourmet Burger Kitchen is offering 2 burgers for £10 so I decided to take up this offer with my friend Kyri before watching Guardians of the Galaxy. After seeing the new logo they have which has a remarkable resemblance to one my friend Victoria made we went up to order our food.

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As always i’m looking to expand my taste buds so I decided to go for The Taxidriver burger which comes with American cheese, an onion ring, cajun relish, smoked chilli mayo, dill pickle, salad and a brioche bun.The tangy flavour of the relish was not as strong as I expected and surprisingly the onion ring also blended well with the burger not being too stringy or trying to steal emphasis from the meaty patty of the burger.

gbk - 7

I decided to play it safe and simple this time by having chunky skin-on fries which were okay but a little bit too safe and simple, there was nothing too special about them except for the Hei Hei salt but would’ve come with any fries. I also had an Oreo milkshake which was smooth and creamy as well as trying baconnaise for the first time which despite being creamy had a heavy flavour to it that made it something I would love to smother on my fries anytime.

Despite having the name Gourmet Burger Kitchen I actually think it’s not as nice as some of the less known places such as Patty & Bun and Shake Shack, don’t get me wrong it’s definitely one of the 2 best when it comes to mainstreams burger joints (the other one being Byron) but if you want to try something a little less known there are some great places usually just around the corner.



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