graze breakfast box - 1

After snacking on Graze boxes for the last few months I have discovered some amazingly nice flavours which are both healthy and cheap so when I heard that Graze were introducing breakfast boxes I had to give them a try Each box contains 4 packets so you will probably have to have toast every now and then although the days you do have cereal you will be spoilt for choice, there are 20 varieties as of yet which range from chocolate rocky road to strawberry and cream.

graze breakfast box - 2

Interestingly there is a guide on the packet with a suggested amount of milk to have so the ratio of  cereal to milk fits perfectly however this can be a problem as I have never managed to open the packets without tearing some part of them. As expected all the flavours I have tried so far are delicious as well as filling and for £3.99 I definitely think this will be a great breakfast for me to have in the future.



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