After hearing about the snacking service Naturebox from the If I Were You podcast I checked to see what it was like but it wasn’t available in my country. Very soon after I stumbled upon Graze Nibblebox and decided to give them a try, each box comes with 4 snacks ranging from chocolate brownies and dried apple slices to black pepper popcorn and pumpkin seeds.

graze nibblebox - 7

For the first few weeks I had a couple of hits and misses but once I knew what I liked I couldn’t wait to receive my boxes each week. You can control which snacks get sent to you and at what rate although sadly there isn’t a feature to let you pick exactly what snacks you want each week although this is probably because part of the experience is the random nature of what you get each week although If you don’t like a particular snack you can bin it and it will never get sent to you.

graze nibblebox - 1

Many people have pointed out that you can buy a bag of seeds, nuts or dried fruit for cheaper although they seem to be missing the point of what Graze is, yes it’s a healthy snacking service but you’re also buying convenience. I would never buy the things Graze send to me by myself but the fact that I have a company that creates delicious recipes and sends them to my door for a reasonably low price is what has drawn me in and has convinced me to continue using this service.



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