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Last Saturday I was at Hyper Japan in Earls Court with some friends while covering the event for my blog. We took full advantage of this event to try out some Japanese food which would be rare/not as authentic anywhere else.

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Firstly we tried the Karaage both on a stick and in a sandwich. It was a nice little snack which suits being on a stick more than in a sandwich although both were very nice, we all had ‘Japanese sauce’ on top which is apparently a variation on sweet and sour sauce and made it taste a lot nicer. If we had the stomach for it we would’ve tried it again but with BBQ sauce instead although there were plenty of other foods waiting to be tried.

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The second stand we went to had takoyaki which I knew of from it being mentioned in anime sometimes so it was exciting to finally try it, I was disappointed that the batter to octopus ratio was about 70/30 but other than that it was very tasty. They give you 6 balls which is actually quite a lot for sampling but last quite a long time so it’s probably the best advised food for snacking on throughout the day as opposed to eating all at once. I also tried from the same stand some tempura wrapped in a large sushi ball which despite the hefty price of £2 each was without a doubt the best thing I ate while there and would love to have it again any day.

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We stayed away from the ramen and rice/noodle based dishes as we thought it might be a bit much if we are to try a lot also we might plan to try those at markets or in China Town to get that same authentic experience again. Two other things we tried which were unexpected were a green coloured tea flavoured chocolate as well as a variety of different flavoured macarons.

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We wanted to try the ice cream stand as well as the sushi experience unfortunately we were too full after sampling the snacks and sake too go through with it. Overall Japanese food was a very pleasant experience and I will be on the lookout for more stands or restaurants selling authentic snacks to try in the future, maybe even some things that are a little less mainstream.

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