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On my first day at Hyper Japan I tried takoyaki which is a fried ball dough with an octopus centre covered in takoyaki sauce which is essentially a mix between mayonnaise and worcestershire sauce. It’s very nice although I wish the actual octopus meat inside was a little larger as at time it felt like I was just eating fried dough. A fair warning to anyone who tries takoyaki, let it cool down before you eat it. Seriously these balls of octopus are cooked fresh and if you make the mistake which I have made in the past you may very well burn your throat on the molten core of inside. My friend Annabelle learned the hard way this year even after waiting 10 minutes to eat them.

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The second day I went with a more varied meal and decided to get a mix of takoyaki, gyoza and pumpkin korokke. It seems that not all takoyaki are made the same almost like the difference between instant and home-made. The gyoza also suffered from this as the shell felt like it had been exposed to air for too long while the contents were just a mixed bag. A new and interesting taste for me was the pumpkin korokke, I myself rarely eat pumpkin and have never had a korokke although perhaps the closest relatable thing is potato croquette.

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Finally during the afternoon session of Saturday I got myself a portion of shrimp and a dragon-tail sushi roll both of which were good but thats all they were. Overall the food had its ups and downs with the takoyaki and pumpkin korokke coming up on top, I certainly did not expect restaurant standard food at pop-up food stands and while the price was a little inflated I can not complain as they certainly give you what you expect and in some cases better than you expected.

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