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Having missed out on The Sushi Awards last year I decided to give it try. The pace a lot faster than I expected with chefs preparing sushi, piling it on your plate and sending you to the next stand within seconds. I barely had enough time to take pictures let alone eat until the very end.

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While visually appealing food porn is definitely a turn on for people the Sushi awards are more about taste than aesthetics, if a plate of food doesn’t live up to its appearance that can hurt it more than help. Unsurprisingly each little piece of sushi was a taste sensation in itself.

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The meaty flavours of the Yashin Ocean House stand stood out to me as you don’t traditionally think of sushi having beef in it, one chef was cooking the meat with what I can only describe is a blow-torch. It made for an amazing sight and yet somehow it cooked it perfectly. No burns, no blood. Although I liked the Yashin Ocean House my favourite and the one I voted for was the Chisou Knightbridge.

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The Sushi Awards was definitely a great experience not just in taste but a show of skill. Are five pieces of sushi worth £12 though? When you look at it as an alternative to lunch it certainly is overpriced however this is more about the experience and quality over quantity. I would recommend people try it for themselves and if they like it to keep coming back each year however I understand that it won’t be to everyone’s taste.

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