Jama: Taco Burger
Blog, Prague / No Comments / November 27, 2015

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When I think of tacos I think of the hard shell kinds of taco that have a huge amount of crunch and are very hard to eat without making a mess, I was half right. The taco burger at Jama consists of a burger patty, roasted tomatoes, melted cheddar cheese, melted edam cheese, salsa, sour cream, spices viagra sans ordonnance all in a soft flour ‘taco’ shaped wrap and came with a portion of nachos covered in the same stuff the burger was covered in.

I was kind of surprised but pleased at the same time that they used an actual beef patty and not mince which is

what you would expect from a proper taco, this comes with the caveat of more chewing work but hey what do you expect from a burger?

The nachos looked very nice as if they were home made but for some reason they tasted stale and didn’t give that extra crunch I was expecting. After taking a bite out of the taco burger a lot of taste sensations came out at once the beef patty was thick and meaty while the spices gave it a bit of heat but the sour cream cooled it down all the while these sauces and meat juices are dripping on to the plate making a mess it’s something novel that is fun to have one time but because

of the mixed flavours I don’t think it would become

a regular favourite.



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