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For a while now I have known that my friend Amin works at a restaurant called Javitri in Uxbridge, the restaurant used to be a cultural style style similar to Jimmy’s world bar and grill although now it specialises in Indian and Bangladeshi food. Every 6 months they put on a Bollywood themed night where you can enjoy a special 3 course menu and dance the night away on the dance floor, seeing as I hadn’t been to Javitri before I decided this was the perfect time to try it out.

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While my other friend Gilmar who was meant to come with me couldn’t make it due to delays at Notting Hill Carnival I experienced Indian cuisine at its finest. There was a meat and a vegetarian starter to choose from I chose the starter meat one, the starter was a platter of different Indian food including chicken, the hottest onion bhaji and the most stuffed full of mince samosas I have ever had as well as a side salad. There was another dish that came with it too which I thought was a type of soup and like an idiot I ate it, liked it then later found out it was mint sauce to be put on the starter.

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For the main course I chose the lamb tawa which I had not had before. The portion size has huge almost too big actually as this could’ve easilly fed 2 people, in fact I think that is the point of it as usually dining is done with more groups that are larger than 1 person. I also like the traditional style of having dishes you serve yourself with instead of the English style where you get only what you order on your plate, this style of serving encourages people to share food and  try new things they might not have before.

While I may be good at some things dancing is certainly not one of them but the two dancers who entertained the restaurant were simply amazing and they even encouraged people to come on to the dance floor and bust a few moves but theres something about having your friend stand you up that doesn’t put you in the best mood for dancing so I passed. I also decided to pass on dessert as it was getting late and I had to get home (which thanks to the night buses was a challenge in itself).   Javitri is a good sized restaurant with many different types of seating, a great selection of food and all for what I consider reasonable prices. The staff were nice, the atmosphere was relaxing and there is even an outside area for those warm England days. If you fancy something traditional and don’t mind it’s far down the high street location then this is definitely a place i’d recommend.



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