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Having been slightly disappointed last time I tried Kurz & Lang back in March 2014 I decided to give them another try after seeing that people who went to Clerkenwell Design Week were given a 15% discount off their order. While I was tempted to get the The 11th Generation Gourmet Bratwurst which is a mix of pork, beef, bacon and herbs I instead gave my wallet and my stomach something a bit easier to handle in the form of the Krakauer, this sausage is made from pork, beef and

spices (83% pork

+ 8% beef = 91% meat), I chose to get the Krakauer in a bun as opposed to the mediocre chips I had last time.

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The sausage is very thick, and succulent with every single space of it overflowing with meaty juices and a tiny but still noticeable amount of heat to it. The ketchup was an interesting combination of sweet, tangy and sticky

which was definitely unexpected but not unwelcome. The bun however was a major disappointment instead of giving it the same

attention they gave the sausages and the Ketchup the bun was clearly store bought,

tasted mediocre and a waste of money at 70p on top of the sausage. I’m glad I gave Kurz & Lang another chance but it’s just so disappointing that they did two things incredibly well and one thing lazily bad.

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