mcm comic con (2014) food stands - 1

It wouldn’t be MCM Comic Con without eating slightly expensive traditional Japanese food. Over the past few years I have tried most of the usual suspects but this year I found something new okonomiyaki which is essentially a fried fish pancake on a stick. Despite the unappealing look of okonomiyaki it actually tastes very nice although I wish it has come on a cylindrical stick instead of a rectangular one as it made it less convenient to eat and it felt like it was going to fall off at any moment, unlike takoyaki it doesn’t have a molten hot centre which is a good thing but it’s also not as nice as its counterpart.

mcm comic con (2014) food stands - 2

After trying something new I had to have a familiar favourite which of fine karaage with Japanese mayonnaise on a stick. I don’t know how it differs to English fried chicken on a stick but it certainly taste a lot better, despite technically being fast food I think it’s more to do with it being freshly made in huge batches and seasoned well that makes it stand out. It’s not very often I get to eat Japanese food but when I do I have had nothing but good experiences… except for tai-yaki.

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