mother clucker - 1

When it comes to fried chicken there aren’t too many options other than KFC which is a little too mainstream and suffers because it’s classified as fast food. Having just finished our Patty and Bun burgers less than an hour ago we stumbled upon a converted army van selling buttermilk chicken in Brick Lane.

After realising a few minutes after Kyri ordered his food that I could pay by card I decided to get a box of strips for myself as I had never tried buttermilk chicken before and thought this was the ideal time to try them. I was wrong, an hour after eating a meal is not the right time to have a fairly big snack however I pushed on and loved every second I pushed beyond repletion.

mother clucker - 2

There are 4 strips to a box and they come with garlic mayo and roast chilli pepper dips. The buttermilk coating made the skin so crispy and lighter than I ever would’ve expected, the hot cajun flavour really brought the chicken to life and because I didn’t like the garlic mayo that came with it I was begging for a glass of water afterwards.

The strips and everything else is served in a white paperboard box with no features on it which although I understand is cheaper I still have a problem with this type of thing as there is so much potential to use the packaging as a way to expand the brand. Pedantic’s aside Mother Clucker’s chicken was the best I have ever had.

As I had just eaten beforehand and now made myself uncomfortably full for the sake of discovery I decided not to push my luck any further by trying their Cluckwitch or Mac and Cheese although they do look like something I will have to try the next time I am down in Brick Lane.



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