patty and bun launch - 1

After learning that Patty and Bun were opening a new store in Liverpool street and giving the first 1000 people a free burger on their opening day I quickly arranged to meet up with my friend Kyri who inspired me to start Food For Thought in the first place.

patty and bun launch - 2

The place opened at 10.30 so I decided to get there at 10.15 and even then there was still a queue so big it almost stretched the entire street. It took significantly less time than I thought it would to be served apparently after 2.5 hours all the free burgers had been given out so I can only imagine how many they must have cooked throughout the whole day.

patty and bun launch - 3

The first time I went to Patty and Bun (which was my very first food for thought post) I ordered the Smokey BBQ Robinson so I thought that this time I should get their flagship burger the Ari Gold. After seeing that Patty and Bun got my name wrong on the receipt we went to the park and proceeded to eat our burgers.

patty and bun launch - 4

After unwrapping it and spilling some sauce on my leg I took a big bite of the burger and just as I expected it was incredible, the patty was so thick and succulent and the cheese was in a perfect melted state of half way between solid and liquid. The pickled onions were also a nice surprise although I prefer the grilled onions found in the Smokey Robinson burger.

Although we didn’t have the atmosphere that comes from sitting inside a restaurant the quality of the burgers was as amazing as always and I would gladly recommend Patty and Bun to anyone looking for something a little less mainstream. Just be aware that their burgers aren’t always free.



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