Pizza N’ Love
Blog / No Comments / November 15, 2016


While visiting my Dad in Spain we went out to eat at many bars and restaurants but the one the that stood out to us the most was a pizza restaurant in Orgiva called Pizza N’ Love.


While the restaurant may seem quite small and hard to find; especially since it’s located in an alley it actually has quite the reputation for delicious, stone-baked pizzas that are filling yet not too expensive.


With over 30 varieties of pizza (excluding customisations) there is definitely something to satisfy every palette, and for those want to get that extra crunch you can upgrade your pizza to be made from spelt flour for just €1 extra.


Since all the pizzas are cooked in a stone-oven they went from cold ingredients to piping hot pizzas on our plates within a matter of minutes. The crust had a nice, thick crunch to it and the cheese had a slightly creamy taste to it almost as if it were a toned down version of mozzarella. On a nice crisp night there are few things better than a cold beer, fresh pizza and great company to share it all with, truly Pizza N’ Love lives up to its name as well as its reputation.



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