pizza truck - 1

Whenever i’m in the brick lane/truman brewery area I always get something to eat from the variety of food stands, although I

was originally going to eat at Mother Clucker when I saw this gargantuan truck which was larger than two stands side by side I had to check out what they were selling. Although i’ve heard of sourdough bread i’ve never heard of or even considered sourdough pizza to be a thing but it is, like all food stands there isn’t much of a menu but whatever they have they do really, really well.

pizza truck - 2

I decided to get a Veneziana pizza which comes topped with mozzarella, tomato, ham and mushrooms, a classic farmhouse if you will, it was made fresh in front of me in an authentic wood burning oven which is probably what justifies the size of the truck. The 9″ pizza was very light and

fluffy with a sweet tomato puree and creamy mozzarella, for £6 it was a nice lunchtime treat that I might treat myself to once in a while.

After finishing it I realised something odd not about the pizza but about the company, the people behind this pizza van don’t have a website, Twitter handle or even a company name attached them and i’m not sure if they will have one anytime soon, this just may be a limited time pop-up so if you fancy trying this I recommend you head down to the Truman Brewery before it disappears.



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