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The day after coming back from Prague myself and Kyri visited Brick Lane and explored the many amazing food stands in the area including Pork & Brisket. After talking with the owner Daniel we found out that it’s a relatively new stand and while there wasn’t any social media or online presence Pork & Brisket was going through a rebrand and would soon be making a name for itself.

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While they only served a small amount of things all of them were freshly cooked in front of you and the amount of variables was enormous with four types of sauces (mustard and coriander, spicy, BBQ, hot) and six types of extras including pickles, onions and coleslaw, I ended up being boring and ordered the pulled pork sandwich with a smokey BBQ sauce. The flavour

was very sweet for what was meant to be a smokey flavour although it was still very nice with a heavy emphasis on the succulence of the pork. Unlike other pulled pork sandwiches this one was surprisingly clean and didn’t get my hands sticky which i’m still trying to figure out wether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I was a little disappointed that the bun was clearly a standard store bought bun as so much attention went in to the pulled pork and it just threw things off balance, people need to realise

brioche is usually the way to go when it comes to burgers and other types of hot sandwiches.

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I also got the chance to try some beef jerky which is not something you usually see at food stands but a welcome appearance. The jerky had a very smokey flavour with a hint of black pepper, it was succulent and tasted juicy despite their being no juice whatsoever. While £3 may seem a lot for

a small pack of jerky it’s a matter of quality over quantity, you’re not going to eat this stuff regularly so when you have the chance to treat yourself you might aswell do it right.

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