sodastream - 1

One of the first things I saw at Designjunction was a huge bar and seating are promoting the new SodaStream design by Yves Behar. After grabbing my free ultra-cool wooden USB with press images on it I got a lemon-lime drink at the bar which took less than a minute to make and was so refreshing and tasty that I had to come back many times over the course of the day to try more flavours.

sodastream - 2

The process is actually pretty simple all you have to do is place the soda cap inside the SodaStream then it does its stuff and your drink comes out the nozzle and into your reusable and eco friendly bottle. The third time I came I got an alcoholic drink which I seem to remember had vodka in it, probably not the best thing to drink while covering an event.

sodastream - 3

On a side note I used to put SodaStream on my Christmas list every year until I got the message that my mum wouldn’t buy it for me but now i’m earning my own money and love the design and flavour of the SodaStream Play as well as the environmental aspect and convenience of it I would definitely consider buying this.



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