Sushi Roller
Blog, Fast Food, Prague / No Comments / December 22, 2015

While wondering around a shopping centre in Prague I came across a stand selling something that looked pretty interesting called the Sushi Roller which is a new way of eating sushi on the go. Everything you need from wasabi and soy sauce to the sushi itself is contained in the handy tube shaped packaging, to remove the sushi simply grab

the stick attached to cialis fiable the side of the tube and poke it through the hole at

the bottom then twist the cap open to pour the pre-made wasabi and soy sauce mixture on the sushi and enjoy.

Being the food enthusiast and lover of innovative products I couldn’t help but try this out and while I absolutely adore the packaging the adoration stops the moment you put the sushi in your mouth and realise what you have done. There is a reason why sushi is such a delicate meal that is rarely if ever seen in fast food establishments and thats because raw fish doesn’t stay fresh for long, once the very viagra sans ordonnance small window is up you’re not just in for a bad taste experience you’re risking possible illness. As great as an idea it is on the surface it simply comes down to having impeccable timing for this to even be worth eating.



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