the orange buffalo - 1

After visiting New Blood I decided to get something to eat at Mother Clucker but when I arrived it was closed so instead I got some buffalo wings at The Orange Buffalo. Like most other street food they specialise in 1 thing and do a damn good job at it, the menu consisted of buffalo wings in 4 different levels of heat, fries and soda. Thats it. I got 8 buffalo wings in the original sauce which was fairly mild and some curly fries with blue cheese dressing which I forgot to ask not to have.

the orange buffalo - 2

The wings themselves were mediocre they felt like plastic as if they had been cooked several hours ago and dried then reheated, this isn’t the case though as I saw them being cooked fresh. The sauce itself nice but there was so much of it that it overpowered the succulent flavour of the wings. Surprisingly the fries were the best part of the meal almost being as good as Five Guys fries and I also discovered that I like blue cheese dressing although not so much that I would want it smothered over everything.

the orange buffalo - 3

While the setting is nice and the food was obviously nice I don’t pay £8.50 for nice also as the woman behind me pointed out 8 wings is a lot for one portion and I was barely able to finish my meal. Thankfully they knew peoples hands would be sticky after the meal so they had free hand wash for customers to clean their hands afterwards which was a nice touch. The food was mixed levels of nice and really nice so I would definitely eat here again although i’m not exactly in a rush too like I was for Mother Clucker.



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